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Library Resources and Services

Q: Why does the Library need a bigger space when everything is moving to electronics instead of print?

A: National studies show the exact opposite of this notion, as do our own statistics. The Library completely embraces technology and has for many years, but it has not impacted our circulation numbers for physical materials. In fact, circulation numbers continue to trend upward. Last year, 239,483 physical items were checked out from the Jasper Public Library, a 2% increase from 2014. Book circulation alone rose 5%.

That being said, 29,580 e-materials (e-books and downloadable audiobooks) were borrowed from the Library, and the on-line databases were accessed thousands of times. We are thrilled to offer robust collections in both physical and electronic resources.

If you are interested in seeing how the Jasper-Dubois County Public Library system is ranked among all other libraries in Indiana regarding its circulation or any other statistics, please visit the State Library's website and browse through the spreadsheets and documents they provide. These statistics will show you how we compare to other communities our size.

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Q: I don't go to the Library. Why would I want to pay more taxes for something I don't use?

A: There are two main responses to this question:

  1. Why aren't you using the library? It is so much more than books. The list of resources is extensive and often surprises people who are unfamiliar with the services and resources the library offers: on-line databases, e-books, audiobooks, DVDs, video games, CDs, children's programming, craft classes, contests, cooking classes, game days, fax services, microfilm machines, public computers, printing stations, public scanners, and much more. Our genealogy collection attracts visitors from all over the state and country, as well as foreign countries. We invite you to come into the library and get a card. Talk to the librarians to find out more about what we already provide.<

  2. A city needs a thriving library to support the community as a whole. While we will still have the familiar resources we have always had, we are striving to become a 21st century library. Libraries continually transform into innovative locations where people do more than just check out books; libraries are a community hub. A new library will provide the opportunity for us to enhance the services we already provide and add more services that our patrons have been asking for. For example, the new library will be fully handicap accessible. Our plan includes 4-5 meeting rooms for library events and for community use. With a new facility, we will have the flexibility to continue to meet the changing needs of Jasper and its citizens.

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