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Q: Why do we even need a new library?

A: Our current space no longer adequately meets the needs of our community and our library services. The current building is from the 1950s, with an addition built in the 1980s. The current square footage is 10,000 square feet. We are getting by and have done so for many years, but we are in need of updated facilities to provide 21st century service to our patrons.

The current library, of course, holds a special place in our hearts, but the upkeep of a building built in the Truman era is costly. The heating/cooling system is inefficient and costly to maintain and operate. The roof has developed leaks in more than one place in the last year alone. The bricks on the exterior of the building are in bad shape, and interior walls show many breaks and cracks.

A new library will make materials more accessible, provide dedicated meeting room space, create quiet study/reading rooms, and improved programming space. Current design plans and estimates include approximately 23,000 square feet for a new library facility with another 6,000 square feet in shared spaces with the Arts. The Cultural Center will have a large, private parking lot with easy accessibility for all patrons.

A 21st century library needs spaces that are flexible and serve multiple purposes. The advancements in technology and building designs have made that a very viable option for us in order that we are never going to be "stuck" in a single format. Therefore, we will be able to meet the needs of whatever the future holds.

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Q: Will the library renovate/rebuild the existing site if the referendum does not pass?

A: No. If the referendum fails, the library will not have the money to build anywhere. Without the successful passing of a referendum for a bond, nothing will happen, which includes the existing site. The only way the Library can build anywhere is with a majority of voters approving the referendum.

This is an example of "Plan A" versus "Plan B." Plan A occurs if the referendum passes with a majority of the vote. This will raise the funds to build a new library at the Hoosier Desk site as part of the Jasper Cultural Center. Plan B occurs if the referendum fails to gain a majority vote. This means there are no funds for a new library, and the library stays where it is and as it is.

In order to build anything, either at the new site or the existing site, the library must pass a referendum in order to receive the funds required to do any type of building project. The Board has voted to move forward with the Hoosier Desk site. There are no plans to make any changes to the existing building. Refer to "plan B."

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Q: What will happen to the current library building if the referendum passes?

A: The existing library building and the land it sits on are owned by the City of Jasper. They are leased to the Library for library use. When the Library vacates the building, the entire site will revert back to the City's control.

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Q: What will happen to the Gramelspacher-Gutzweiler house/Library Annex if the library moves?

A: The Gramelspacher-Gutzweiler house is owned by the Jasper Public Library and would be sold by the Library if we move to the new facility.

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