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Q: Has the Library Board decided to build a new library yet?

Yes. The decision was made during the September 2015 Library Board meeting with a vote in favor of a building a new library.

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Q: Where will the new building be located?

A: The Library Board voted on the Hoosier Desk site for the location of the new library. The Board carefully weighed that decision for months. Each site has strengths and weaknesses. At the September 2015 meeting, the vote was 4-3 in favor of the Hoosier Desk site over the current location.

Below is an interactive map that shows the exact location of the Hoosier Desk building in Jasper. You can use this map to see where the new library building will be.

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Q: Is this the only site that the Library is considering?

A: Yes, the Hoosier Desk site is the only location under consideration for the November 2016 referendum. A "yes" vote on the referendum will be for the funding to build at the Hoosier Desk location. A "no" vote will mean the Library will remain exactly as it is, at its current location.

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Q: Are there any other locations under consideration?

A: No, we are not considering any other building location. The Hoosier Desk building is the only site that the Library is considering.

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Q: Will the Library renovate the existing Hoosier Desk building, or will the Library demolish and build a new facility?

A: The entire Cultural Center will be a new building. When the Library Board voted on the Hoosier Desk site it was with the stipulation that the Library build a brand new building. The Library and Arts Boards researched and did its due diligence and determined that it is more economically feasible to start from scratch at the Hoosier Desk site.

Some material from the existing site may be repurposed and used in the facility. The boiler/kiln building will be saved as a stand-alone building for possible private development.

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Q: That area is in a flood zone; it floods. Why would the Library build there?

A: The Hoosier Desk site is listed by the State as being in the "100-year flood plain." After consulting with the City Engineer, Office of Planning, and our insurance agent, we would not be required to carry flood insurance. We will raise the level of the ground floor by thirty (30) inches. City zoning regulations require that any new construction be two (2) feet above the flood plain.

"100-year flood zone" means that the flood areas are rezoned only every 100 years. Even though the Patoka Reservoir has vastly limited any flooding in the area, the location is still designated as being in the flood plain because new certifications happen only every 100 years.

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Q: When will construction on the new building begin, and when will it be completed?

A: The current plan is for construction to begin in the spring of 2017. Estimates on completion fall in the eighteen to twenty-four (18-24) month range, depending on the weather throughout the process. The Cultural Center would open between the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2019. Because construction would be taking place at a different location, the existing library building would see no interruption in service until the time comes when everything is moved into the new facility. The move from the existing site to the new site would minimize interruption in service as much as possible.

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Q: Are all members of the Library Board supporting this project?

A: While it is clear from the September 2015 vote on the decision for the new location (4-3) that the vote was a difficult one, all board members agreed to support the project once the vote was made. We have a dedicated group of board members that want to see the Library move forward into the 21st century. All of them are willing--as are the library director and staff--to come and talk to you individually or to your local group in order to answer questions you may have. The Board, director, and staff want every voter to be well informed when they go to the polls in November.

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