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This page is designed to help you to calculate the impact of the library project on your property taxes. If you have questions or need help in using this calculator, please stop by the Library and talk with one of our staff, who will be happy to help you.

Q: Where can I find my property's net assessed value?

A: The Dubois County Assessor's Office maintains a website that can be used to find your property's net assessed value. The steps below should help you to find the net assessed value. If you are unable to use the Assessor's Office website or are unable to follow these steps, please stop by the Library where one of our staff will help you to use the webpage.

Go to the Dubois County Assessor's Webpage.

Start your search
1. Click the link "Start Your Search" to begin.

Enter your address
2. Enter your address. The webpage suggests you do not use words such as "St" or "Ave" for better results.

Click for tax info
3. Click the option "Tax Info" in the left panel of the webpage as shown in the above picture.

Your district
4. You can easily see which taxing district you are a part of by looking at what it says under "Taxing Unit." Only the following districts will be affected by this increase in property taxes: Jasper-Madison, Jasper-Boone, Jasper, and Bainbridge.
5. Your property's net assessed value is on Line 3 of Table 1 as shown in the above picture. This is the number you will use in the calculator below to find how much per month your property taxes would raise with the new library project.

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Q: How do I calculate the cost per month that the new library project will cost me?

A: The Library has created a calculator that will help you find the cost per month that will be added to your property taxes for the new building project. The calculator below uses the following equation:

NAV ÷ 100 x .0595 ÷ 12

Where "NAV" is the Net Assessed Value of your home; 100 means "per $100 of assessed value"; .0595 is the estimated annual tax rate; and 12 is the number of months per year.

Type the Net assessed value (Line 3) of your home: then click
* Do not use spaces or commas.

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