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Welcome to the Library Referendum FAQ!

We at the Jasper Public Library understand that the new library building project has generated many questions. We are working hard to make sure those questions are answered. This FAQ concerning the library referendum is meant to help the public understand exactly what is going on without bias or opinion. We hope that this information helps you to understand the new library building project more fully.

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Jasper Public Library referendum taxypayer monthly estimate

Election Day is November 8, 2016

Vote Yes:

  • Plan A succeeds where the referendum passes with a majority of the vote
  • Funds are approved for the new library project
  • New Library built at the Hoosier Desk site as part of the Jasper Cultural Center
  • The Jasper Cultural Center creates an anchor for the community
  • New opportunites for Jasper are made available with shared community spaces, meeting rooms, and additional resources

Vote No:

  • Plan B occurs where the referendum does not pass with a majority of the vote
  • The community loses an opportunity for a collaborative project between the Jasper Library and the Jasper Arts
  • No funds are approved for the new library project
  • Nothing will happen: no new building, no renovations, no remodeling
  • The library remains as it is, where it is

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